Established in 2001,Shanghai Skytex Incorporated Company developed from an initial.creative team of three people into a large company with New York and Paris offices as centers for fashion trend analysis and prouduct development,with Shanghai as the operations center.Zhejiang Province as the center of production,testing and logistics,and sales centres in the major markets around world.Skytex has now become the symbol of Chinese jacquard,Skytex focuses on design,development and production of jacquard fabrics.Now Skytex is an innovative fashion enterprise,setting industry trends.It holds one patent for national invention,16 patents for utility models,and more than 1018 items of copyright.
In 2008,Skytex became the only fabric China pioneer plant-jacquard fabric for ladies’ wear collection;in2009,it became one of selected Modern Fabric Company to CHINA SILK MUSUEM;in 2010 ,SKYTEX got (GRS)Recycle poly certification.

June 30 2013, Ms. Yue Sai, the founder of cosmetic brand Yue Sai invested and join the SKYTEX became an share holder for lifetime. Mr. Michael Chai, the present of SKYTEX said the joint of Ms. Ji will bring the fashion jacquard fabric of Skytex to be more gorgeous and will expand the brand development of SKYTEX.